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We ship our coffee Monday-Friday. Orders placed after 12pm on Friday will ship the following Monday. Free shipping applies to orders over $30.

Coffee FAQ


Is your coffee certified organic?

While we currently have some organic offerings we do not advertise as such. The term “organic” in the specialty coffee industry does not always have to do with quality, and is often just a matter of a farmer's ability to pay a premium to receive the certification. Many farmers who focus on quality that we work with in fact do farm their coffee organically and responsibly, though they don’t possess the funds to receive such a certification. Unfortunately it’s a lot more complicated and convoluted than organic = good.

We focus on selecting the best possible quality coffee rather than selecting based on a certification.

Why do you only offer single origin coffees?

Because each coffee possesses it's own unique characteristics. They all possess a slightly different solubility when roasted, leading to different levels of extraction. Roast level directly dictates solubility and extraction levels, which is why we tend to avoid blending coffees of different origins. We prefer to highlight each coffees individual characteristics.  

We however, from time to time, will offer what is referred to as a bulk regional blend. This is coffee from multiple producers within the same region.

Are your coffees Fair-Trade Certified?

All of our coffees are purchased WELL ABOVE the current Fair-Trade minimum prices. Direct relationships and quality mean more to us than the certification by a third-party. While we have purchased coffees that are certified Fair-Trade, we do not necessarily seek out this certification or advertise as such.