We opened our doors to the Lake Norman community in 2018 with the dream of "defining" a better coffee experience for our community. We love coffee and its diversity and we wanted to share that with the people closest to us. Our cafe is now located in Mooresville, NC and inlcudes our in house roastery. We believe in sourcing and roasting the best single-origin coffees that we can find. Our import partners value transparency and direct relationships with smallholder producers, allowing us to honor the people behind the coffee, the growers.

How We Source

The way we source coffee comes down to a few simple concepts: First and foremost, is the coffee of quality? Quality coffee almost always means fresh, seasonally produced, and often secured by before the harvest is finished at origin. We work closely with specialty importers that we’ve been friends with for years, focusing on purchasing smaller lots from proven producers we know and trust. We purchase smaller lots of coffee so we can ensure we roast through all of that seasons coffee in a reasonable amount of time before the coffees begin to show signs of age (negative flavors impacting the cup quality). We want the best for our customers so we focus on securing fresh and unique offerings from the best producing countries on the planet. Another concept that is near and dear to our hearts when purchasing coffee is, has the producer been taken care of? Our importers pay premiums for high quality parchment and that money is directly deposited into producers bank accounts. This is about as direct trade as it gets. As we grow in the coming years and purchase more and more green coffee each season, we’ll continue to work closely with our importing partners who will help us make lasting connections with producers at origin. We look forward to working more directly with these producers as time goes on and relationships develop.

How We Roast

The way we roast coffee can best be described as thoughtfully. We believe that each coffee deserves its own roast profile where we carefully develop the balance of sweetness and acidity. Coffees vary in density, size, and shape based on origin and microclimate. Considering all these factors, and our past experience with similiar beans, we maximize sweetness by finishing the coffees to a light to medium level. We use state-of-the-art software to monitor each batch throughout a production day, as well as over time throughout a coffee's lifecycle in our roastery. We typically offer one or two coffees that have been roasted to a slightly more developed profile (ever so slightly darker), making them easier to work with on espresso.  Our other coffees have been roasted slightly lighter, leading to sweetness and a lively clean acidity highlighting the terroir and origin of each coffee.